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If you are in need of a Kane County domestic violence defense lawyer, please give us a call. Attorney Don Zuelke knows how confusing and stressful any domestic violence charge can be. A person accused of domestic battery or violation of an order or protection may have been wrongly accused. Often the alleged victim does not want to pursue charges but the prosecutor will not drop the charges. Many people charged with domestic battery have lived a law abiding life and have never been previously arrested, and then find themselves charged with domestic violence for a minor incident that would not have been prosecuted a few years ago. Sometimes the prosecution process can cause more division within the family than the alleged incident that led to the charge.

If you need an Illinois domestic violence attorney, we can help. Attorney Don Zuelke will thoroughly investigate your case and work hard to win an acquittal or to try to otherwise avoid a permanent criminal conviction. Please call if you have been charged with a domestic violence case and need a domestic violence defense attorney. We offer a free initial consultation.

Domestic Violence Charges

If you are looking for domestic battery lawyers, attorney Don Zuelke has defended people charged with all types of domestic violence. He has represented people charged with crimes affecting their family or household, including:

  • domestic battery (the victim alleges bodily harm or a touching of an "insulting or provoking nature")
  • aggravated battery (battery using a deadly weapon, or other aggravating factors, such as pregnancy of victim)
  • domestic assault (the victim alleges that he or she was in fear of receiving a battery)
  • aggravated assault (assault with a weapon)
  • violation of an Illinois order of protection or violation of restraining order
  • stalking (an incident has occurred at least twice and the victim alleges receiving threats of bodily harm)
  • aggravated stalking (when the victim alleges harm or injury)
  • unlawful restraint

Penalties for Domestic Violence Convictions

Domestic violence crimes can result in anything from a sentence of probation or conditional discharge to time in the county jail or even prison. Under some circumstances a domestic violence offense can be enhanced to a felony charge, depending on the prior criminal history of the accused or the circumstances of the case. A conviction for a domestic battery charge will affect one's ability to obtain or keep an FOID card. A non-citizen convicted of even a very minor domestic battery incident can be deported and never allowed to return to this country.

That is why it is critical that you talk to a skilled domestic battery defense attorney immediately if you have been accused of crimes such as domestic battery, aggravated domestic battery, stalking, violation of an order of protection or unlawful restraint. If you are looking for an Illinois domestic violence attorney, please contact attorney Don Zuelke to discuss your case. We offer free initial consultations.

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