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If you are in need of a skilled defense lawyer, attorney Don Zuelke has represented numerous people accused of possession, manufacture, and sale or delivery of controlled substances such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and marijuana. The consequences for violating Illinois drug laws continue to get worse, with increasingly severe penalties if convicted of possession, trafficking, sale, delivery, distribution, or manufacture of controlled substances or marijuana. Don Zuelke will use his knowledge of Illinois drug offenses and their penalties to provide a strong defense against any drug charge. If you have been arrested or are charged with a drug case of any kind, contact a lawyer who has experience in representing clients in drug cases. Attorney Don Zuelke has extensive experience in representing people charged with drug crimes under Illinois law.

Consequences of a Drug Charge Conviction

A conviction for possession or sale of illegal drugs carries serious penalties under Illinois law. A conviction for possession of even small amounts of cocaine, heroin, marijuana or other drugs can result in high fines and jail or prison time. The penalties increase if the accused is convicted of delivery, or possession with intent to deliver an illegal drug. A charge of delivery of a controlled substance or possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver can result in a mandatory prison sentence if the amount of the drugs is over a certain weight or if the offense occurs within 1,000 feet of a school, park, church, or other protected zone. A person can even be charged with possession or sale of a "look-alike substance" (fake drugs) if the substance is packaged in a manner to resemble a "real" drug. A person can have his or her property forfeited, including a car, money or even one's home under some circumstances, based on an allegation that the property was acquired by proceeds from drugs or that the property was used "to facilitate the commission" of a drug offense. Additionally, a person who is not a citizen can be deported upon a conviction for most drug offenses, and will never be allowed to return to this country legally.

A person charged in Illinois for possession, possession with intent to deliver, or delivery of a controlled substance or cannabis or with any other offense under Illinois drug laws should seek legal representation by an attorney who is experienced in criminal defense. The laws and the penalties for violations of Illinois' drug laws are complex and often unfair. Many people charged with drug offenses need substance abuse treatment instead of being treated like a criminal. Attorney Don Zuelke has helped people charged with drug crimes involving heroin, cocaine, pot, crack cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine (meth), ecstasy (X), and others. If you have been charged with a drug crime, call an attorney immediately. Contact us if you need a knowledgeable and skilled Illinois drug possession lawyer. We will fight to protect your rights during all legal proceedings for drug related charges.

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